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Transportation and Traffic Engineering


Regional Striping Guidelines

Traffic Calming

City Streets: Current Pavement Condition

Encroachment info 2021

Encroachment/Excavation Permit Application

Our roadways and sidewalks impact the quality of life for all of us. Whether it is through traffic signals, roadway signage and markings, road repairs, and new technology, the Sparks Traffic Division is responsible for a number of important surface transportation functions which facilitate the movement of vehicular, pedestrian, and bicycle traffic as safely and efficiently as possible.

We work in close coordination with the Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) and the Washoe County

Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) to implement new technologies for safe, efficient traffic flow and the maintenance of roadways and sidewalks. The division works closely with all levels of government, utility companies, and private contractors to protect the integrity of the city’s surface transportation infrastructure.

Additionally, the City has created a traffic calming handbook that identifies various types of speed mitigating devices that will reduce the speed of traffic in our neighborhoods, and improve safety levels. Call 353-7863 for more information on the City’s Traffic Division.

Regional Transportation Contact information:

NDOT – Nevada Department of Transportation

City of Reno Traffic Engineering

Washoe County Traffic Engineering

RTC Traffic Signal Hotline: 775-335-ROAD (7623)