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TourMark Funding Information

The City of Sparks Tourism and Marketing Committee distributes funds to be used for special events. The objective of events is to give the City of Sparks the opportunity to introduce or reinforce our brand and meet our event objectives:

  • To promote tourism;
  • To encourage economic impact;
  • To stimulate civic pride.


This application is available until December 20, 2019 at noon. Please gather your elements before you begin. ALL DOCUMENTS MUST BE IN PDF format.

This is the MAIN document: Sponsorship agreement based on the level of funding requested: include a list of event benefits/amenities (tickets, signage, advertising, booth space, logo placement, etc.) with values assigned

This document tm- Paper WORKSHEET 2020 is a paper WORKSHEET that reflects all the questions for planning purposes. No paper applications are accepted.

POST REPORT This post report is due 60 days after the last day of your event. Failure to submit a post report could result in the rejection of future funding requests.

Funding is decided at a Tourism and Marketing Committee meeting. At the funding meetings, each producer will have the opportunity to present your request to the committee and field questions from the committee about your event and your efforts to make it successful. Funding is typically approved and allocated at this meeting. When the meeting has been scheduled, you will be advised of the date, time and location.

VERY IMPORTANT: This is a grant application for the City of Sparks Tourism & Marketing Committee. This is separate from a special events permit.  New events need to have a permit submitted BEFORE you can apply for funding. The information on how obtain a special event permit can be found on this link.