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Sparks Fire – Emergency Operations

Fire Suppression

The primary objective of the Sparks Fire Department’s (SFD) suppression efforts are public and firefighter safety, property loss minimization, and the expedient extinguishment of fires. SFD’s current daily staffed apparatus includes five type I engines, one quint w/ a 78’ ladder, and one ladder truck w/ a 100’ platform. SFD also cross staff’s three type III engines, one type VI engine, and one water tender to fight wildland fires.

Hazardous Materials/HAZMAT

Sparks Fire Department (SFD) is part of the regional TRIAD hazmat team including the city of Reno and the Truckee Meadows Fire Protection District. The TRIAD hazmat team provides a coordinated response to any hazardous materials leak, spill, or condition that threatens the public and/or the environment in Washoe County. SFD fire station #3 is the designated hazmat station which houses a tractor trailer with specialized hazmat equipment to respond to these type of incidents in an efficient timely manner.

Technical Rescue

Sparks Fire Department (SFD) has a specialized technical rescue team. The team is trained in a variety of technical rescue operations including high-angle rope rescues, low-angle rope rescues, confined space rescues, trench collapse rescues, and building collapse rescues. SFD fire station #1 houses a heavy rescue vehicle along with a rescue trailer which contains the equipment needed for these specialized operations.

Water Entry/WET

Sparks Fire Department (SFD) has a specialized water entry team (WET). The team is trained in swift water and still water rescues. This includes specialty training for rescues in the Truckee River, Sparks Marina, and golf course ponds and small lakes in Spanish Springs. WET members also assist with flooding events and animal rescues in water. SFD station #1 houses a light rescue vehicle and boat trailer with all the special gear required for water rescues.

Emergency Medical Services/EMS

Sparks Fire Department (SFD) responds to all types of emergencies. The majority of these calls for service are emergency medical service (EMS) responses. SFD staffs every station with Advanced Life Support (ALS) providers at the Paramedic level. This allows us to provide a high level of care to all patients treated within the City of Sparks.


Sparks Fire Department (SFD) firefighters are trained in fighting wildland fires. SFD responds to wildland fires within the city, county, state and across the west coast. There is no agency large enough and with enough resources to mitigate a large wildland fire. SFD, along with other agencies, rely on mutual aid from other departments to fight these types of fires. Several SFD stations house specialized wildland firefighting vehicles which includes three type III brush trucks, one type VI brush truck, and one water tender.


The City of Sparks Garage/Service center is responsible for all the major maintenance and repairs on all City vehicles including the Sparks Fire Department’s (SFD) fleet. SFD’s fleet consists of type I engines, type III engines, type VI engine, aerial apparatus, quints, command vehicles, rescues, hazmat tractor trailer, and many service trucks and fire prevention vehicles. The Sparks Service Center provides preventive maintenance and repairs to enable us to safely and efficiently protect the citizens and visitors of Sparks.