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Single Stream Recycling

The Sparks City Council unanimously approved a new Waste Management program at the regular City Council meeting on Monday, October 26th, 2016.  Single Stream Recycling will make recycling easier for residents, provide customers with enhanced waste collection services, and help the city reach its goal to increase recycling.
For about a dollar a month, the new residential single-stream recycling program answers the calls from the majority of residents who sought a simpler way to recycle.  Now residents will be able to place all acceptable recyclable materials in one cart.  Households can say goodbye to their crates and hello to their recycling cart.
“We are very pleased that Waste Management will provide single-stream recycling for the City’s residential customers,” said Sparks Mayor Geno Martini.  “The new service is easy and convenient and will help raise awareness of recycling and preserving our environment.  We appreciate the partnership with Waste Management.”
Waste Management will begin implementing the program and expects to deliver 28,500 new recycling carts to customers by the end of the January.  There are no specific dates for delivery of the recycling carts to residents.   Residents can begin single-stream recycling as soon as they receive their new cart.  The first bill for the new service will not arrive until February and will include the annual CPI adjustment in addition to the new recycling rate increase.
Other service enhancements include:
  • Access to the Commercial Row Transfer Station, Stead Transfer Station or the Lockwood Regional Landfill, four times a year at no additional cost, beginning January 1, 2016.
  • Twenty (20) Excess Waste Stickers each year at no cost.  Excess Waste Stickers allow customers to place additional bags of trash next to their cart for collection, free of charge.  The stickers will be provided in January, with service available to Sparks customers beginning February 2016.
  • Spring and fall excess waste benefit to allow customers placement of six bags outside their cart each week, without an Excess Waste Sticker, during fall / spring (May and November) exclusive to City of Sparks residents.
 “We’re excited to begin work on making recycling easier for Sparks residents,” said Sarah Polito, Waste Management spokesperson.  “This is something residents have been asking for, and we are excited to partner with the City to make it happen.”
The success of the program will take a citywide effort.  Residents are encouraged to read the educational material attached to each recycling cart to ensure they are recycling often and recycling right.
For more information about the single-stream recycling program, visit Sparks.wm.com  or call 775-329-8822.