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Records Management

Request for Records

Most City of Sparks records are public and are reproduced upon request. To request copies of public records, complete and submit this online form or call 775-353-2350. Responses to public records request may take up to five (5) business days; longer if the request requires extraordinary use of personnel time or use of technology to fulfill. There may be fees associated with public records requests. For additional questions regarding public records, please email the Clerk’s office at cityclerk@cityofsparks.us.

Records Management

Resolution 3353 was adopted by City Council on September 23, 2019. This resolution provides for the adoption of the Nevada Public Records Act, the Nevada Local Government Records Retention Schedule, and the Nevada Local Government Records Program Manual and defines confidential records. 

Nevada Public Records law was enacted to ensure that government documents are available to the public. Click on this link to view NRS 239, Public Records.

Nevada Administrative Code (NAC) 239 is the codified administrative regulations of the Executive branch of the State of Nevada pertaining to public records.

The City Clerk’s Office, in accordance with Nevada Administrative Code, has established a records management program. This program provides controls for managing paper and electronic documents as well as photographic images throughout the life cycle of the record. NAC 239.145 states “If a local governmental entity establishes a records management program pursuant to NRS 239.125, the program must:

1. Document its organization, functions, policies, decisions, procedures and essential transactions; and

2. Include the standards established in the Local Government Records Management Program Manual published by the State Library and Archives Administrator pursuant to NAC 239.161.”

According to Sec. 3.040 of the Sparks City Charter, the City Clerk shall “Keep the corporate seal and all public records” and “Supervise the central filing system for all departments of the City”. The office of the City Clerk does this by maintaining centrally located and secure storage for paper documents as well as an electronic record keeping system. Records are kept according to type and retention requirements. Examples of records kept include City Council agendas and minutes, engineer drawings, ordinances, resolutions, and contracts. The Clerk’s Office also keeps documents that are of historical significance to the city.