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Kids Konnection and Kidz Kamp Rules, Policies and Procedures

Admission Procedures & Enrollments

City of Sparks Parks and Recreation has implemented ePACT in lieu of paper emergency information forms. ePACT is a secure online system which allows parents to easily monitor and update their contact information, emergency contacts, and pick-up list.

All Youth Watch participants are required to have an ePACT emergency information form completed prior to registering for programs (Kid Konnection, Fall Break, Spring Vacation Fun, Summer Outburst and Christmas Capers).

  • New Youth Watch customers are required to come, in person, to the office at 98 Richards Way and establish a household to become eligible to register for ePACT. Please bring photo ID and proof of residency with you.
  • Existing Youth Watch customers may contact our office at 353-2376 to receive the ePACT account invitation by email.

Steps to Complete Your ePACT Account Setup:

  1. Contact or visit the Parks & Recreation Department Office at 98 Richards Way, 353-2376, and request an ePACT email invitation.
    • ePACT requires families to have an active household with Parks & Recreation and an email address.
  2. Click the ePACT link within the email invitation and follow the steps to establish your account.
    • You will receive an invitation email for each child. Please be sure to setup accounts for each individual child through the corresponding invitation.
  3. Click the orange “Share with the City of Sparks Parks & Recreation” button at the completion of your ePACT account setup to submit the completed form.
  4. Notify the Parks & Recreation office that your ePACT emergency form is complete.
    • Upon verification of a completed ePACT emergency information form, you will be allowed to register for programs online (sparksrec.com), over the phone, 353-2376, or in person through the Sparks Parks and Recreation Department Office at 98 Richards Way.

Changes and updates to the ePACT account can be made at any time online by the parent or legal guardian who created the account. Only those names listed on the child’s ePACT under parent, legal guardian, emergency contact or pick up list will be permitted to pick up the child(ren). A parent cannot give permission over the phone allowing his or her child to leave the program with someone who is not listed on the ePACT account. Picture ID is required of everyone picking up a child from the program (unless a high-resolution photo of the person’s face is uploaded to the child(ren)’s ePACT account).


Kid Konnection daily rates are $11 per day, per child for before school, and $18 per day, per child for after school. An Early Payment Discount is available when payment is made by 5:30pm Thursday (through the office) or 12:00 Friday (online)  the week prior to attendance. The Early Payment Discounted rates are $7 per day, per child for before school program, and $12 per day, per child for after school. FEES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT ANY TIME DURING THE PROGRAM YEAR.

Registration/Payment Policy

In order to become eligible to register for Youth Watch programs (Kid Konnection, Fall Break, Christmas Capers, Spring Vacation Fun, Summer Outburst), a recreation household account must be established, in person, at the main recreation office.  Once the household has been established and the ePACT emergency information is submitted, registration for programs may begin. Payment options are available via telephone or in person at the office. Under no circumstances are payments accepted at the program sites. Children may not attend any program before payment is received. Program space is limited, early registration is encouraged. Staff will not accept unpaid children into programs. Online payment is recommended at www.sparksrec.com. Phone registrations can be made by calling the Recreation Office at 353-2376 during office hours, Monday-Thursday 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

All registrations are accepted on a first-come, first-served and space available basis only. Enrollment maximums are set for programs so early registration is encouraged. Registration will not be accepted if there is a balance due on the account.

Drop Off Procedures

All children must be signed in to the before school program. The City of Sparks in not responsible for participants until a parent/guardian signs the child(ren) into the program each morning. Staff will not accept children prior to 7 a.m. Children that arrive unpaid will not be accepted into the program.

Pick Up Procedures

Only those names on the child’s ePACT under parent, legal guardian, emergency contact or pick up list will be permitted to pick up the child(ren). Picture ID will be checked daily of all individuals signing out participants. All children must be picked up by 6 p.m. If no one can be reached from the parent, legal guardian and emergency contacts provided, after 6 p.m., the Sparks Police Department will be contracted to pick up the child. Late fees will be charges for pick up that occurs after 6 p.m. Repeated late pick up is cause for removal from the program.

Attendance Policy

Children who are not paid for, in advance, will not be accepted into the program. Please call/leave a voicemail at the school site if a registered child will be absent. A missing child is treated seriously; if it is determined that a registered child attended school but did not check-in to the after-school program, all the numbers on the ePACT emergency contact list will be called in an effort to locate the child. If a child is not located in a timely manner, school police will be called. On a regular school day, if a child does not attend school or is sent home from school, he or she is not eligible to attend Kid Konnection. Refunds/credits are not given when a child is absent.

Sick Child

We do not have the facilities or staff to care for sick children. Please keep children at home when signs of infections or illness appear. This is for the welfare of your child as well as the other children and staff in the program. At no time will a child with a fever, vomiting, head lice, diarrhea or other contagious affliction be allowed at the programs. If your child has a communicable disease, please tell staff when it first appeared. If a child is exposed to communicable disease at a Sparks Parks and Recreation program, a notice will be posted at the program site. Parents are expected to pick up a sick child within 45 minutes of notification their child is ill, or a late fee may be charged.

Injured Child

If an accident occurs during a program, staff will notify a parent/guardian as soon as possible. Please keep phone numbers and emergency contacts current in ePACT so staff can make contact in a timely manner. In the event of an illness or injury, efforts will be made to reach an emergency contact person. If staff decides a child needs immediate medical attention, professional medical personnel will be called to treat the child.

Behavior Policy

Discipline is used as a “learning opportunity” rather than a “punitive experience.” Staff encourages children to respect themselves, each other, staff and property. Program leaders go over rules often. When children violate program rules, discussion with the child will occur to make sure he or she understands the problem with the behavior. If repeated violations occur, a written report will be filed, and parents will be notified of the behavior problems. Reoccurring behavior problems or inappropriate conduct by parents, can lead to suspension or permanent expulsion from the program if determined necessary by the Recreation Manager. Staff will not discuss disciplinary issues regarding other program participants.

Participants are expected to:

  • Treat others with respect & keep hands and feet to themselves
  • Follow directions, written and verbal and use appropriate language and tone of voice
  • Play safely without endangering one’s self or others
  • Ask permission before going to the restroom, a storage area or away from the designated area
  • Use playground equipment safely and appropriately
  • Clean up after themselves & keep toys and important personal possessions at home
  • Electronic devices such as cell phones, tablets and video games are not allowed to be used during program hours

In the event of physical aggression, the child(ren) involved will be sent home immediately. If determined necessary, staff will notify school administration of concerns regarding children in the before or after school program. 

Program Closures/Cancellations

The School District has developed a policy that on bad weather days they will either close school for the day or delay the start of the day. A delayed start will result in the cancellation of the before school program. School closure will cancel both the before and after school program. Household credits will be given for delayed starts or cancelled program days that are a result of bad weather or a Washoe County School District decision. 


Kid Konnection will be closed on all non-school days including the following:

  • Labor Day
  • Fall Break
  • Conference Week (no after school program)
  • Nevada Day
  • Election Day (even years)
  • Veteran’s Day
  • Thanksgiving Break
  • Winter Break
  • Martin Luther King Jr Day
  • President’s Day
  • Spring Break
  • Memorial Day

Break Programs

Break programs are offered during fall, winter, spring, summer breaks and conference week at the Recreation Gym and the LDJ Community Center. See the Parks & Recreation Activity Guide or go to www.sparksrec.com for more information. There will be no Kid Konnection after school program during WCSD Fall Conference Week. There will be a half day program available at the Recreation Gym, 98 Richards Way, during this week. Transportation from school to the program is not provided.

Cancellation Policy

No refund or credit will be given for any part of a session, daily or weekly once it has begun. Full refunds may be granted if a cancellation request form is submitted a minimum of 14 days prior to the program start dates. If a cancellation request form is submitted less than 14 days prior to the program start date, the refund (if approved) will be issued as household credit only, less a $3 processing fee. The $3 processing fee will be deducted from the original registration payment. Please keep in mind the $3 processing fee is applicable per each cancellation request made. No credit will be given for same-day notice of absence. Cancellation request forms can be obtained at the Recreation Office or online at www.sparksrec.com (Youth Watch page). Household credits will be issued to families registered for programs that are cancelled as a result of a Washoe County School District decision.

Please note: Parks & Recreation reserves the right to adapt and change policies on an as needed basis. Program comments, concerns and request for special accommodations can be directed to Tanja Ramociotti, Recreation Specialist, Brittany Martinez, Recreation Specialist or Shauna Nelson, Recreation Manager at KidKonnection@cityofsparks.us.