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Fire Prevention Bureau – Fire Inspections


Fire safety inspections are conducted on all ‘new’ developments, commercial, and industrial buildings within the City of Sparks.  The fire prevention bureau shall inspect, as often as necessary, buildings and premises, including such other hazards or appliances designated by the chief for the purpose of ascertaining and causing to be corrected any conditions which would reasonably tend to cause fire or contribute to its spread.  Fire Safety inspections are also conducted on existing businesses using an annual Target Hazard Inspection Program.  Fire inspectors will make every effort to work diligently with property managers to create a safe environment for their employees and customers.  Requests for fire inspections require a 48-hour notice.

Business Inspection Fee Schedule
Permits and Special Inspections Fee Schedule
Private Fire Hydrant Permit
Contractors Guidelines for Maintenance of Private Fire Hydrants & Standpipes
Kitchen Hood Suppression System and UL300 Requirements for City of Sparks Businesses
Mobile Food Preparation Vehicle Requirements
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Self-Inspection Form
Special Event & Activity Permit Application
Requirement for Sparks FD Connections for Sprinkler Systems & Standpipes
Testing of Fire Protection Systems and Emergency Responder Radio Amplification Systems

Hello and Thank You for allowing us to help you maintain a fire safe business. The mission of the fire prevention bureau is, “To save lives and protect property through fire prevention education, inspection, investigation and engineering efforts.”  We take this mission statement very seriously and will do everything possible to help you maintain a fire safe business. Our visits are more than just a thorough fire safety inspection; we will also assist you with evacuation plans and employee safety programs, including a free fire safety video loan program.

Your initial fire safety inspection will come with a reasonable fee based on the type and size of occupancy. The fee is simply to recover the costs for providing you our excellent services and to allow us to maintain and increase our staff, as necessary, to keep up with the growth of the community. Your fee will include the initial inspection, first re-inspection, any permits that are required by code, fire safety consultation, and fire safety education, as mentioned above.

I have designed this pamphlet to help you prepare for your inspection. Please conduct your own inspection, prior to our visit, utilizing the following checklist, and call our office at (775) 353-2266 when you are completed. It is important to use this checklist and be ready for your inspection. Please allow a 48 hour notice for our inspection.

Thank you and good luck in your ventures.

Fire Safety Checklist:

  1. All exit ways maintained clear and free of obstructions, all exit and fire doors in working condition. Exit doors shall open from the inside without locks or devices which would slow or stop those exiting.
  2. All emergency lighting and exit lights shall be in operational condition.
  3. Provide at least one type 2A10BC fire extinguisher that is serviced by a State licensed extinguisher company.
  4. Electrical panels and equipment shall have a minimum of thirty (30) inches clearance. Provide covers for unused openings in electrical panel boxes.
  5. Replace all damaged/spliced electrical cords. Extension cords shall not be used as permanent wiring.
  6. Post a street address visible from the street with letters and numbers that are four (4) inches minimum size & contrast with background of building.
  7. Fire sprinkler and alarm systems must be serviced on an annual basis by a State of Nevada licensed contractor.
  8. Kitchen Hood & Duct fire suppression systems shall be operable and serviced within the last year.
  9. Arrange storage in an orderly manner. Reduce storage to eighteen (18) inches below level of sprinklers or twenty-four (24) inches below ceilings in non-sprinkler rooms.
  10. If your business carries flammable liquids, a 704M “Hazardous Material Placard” may be required.

The Sparks Fire Prevention Bureau is located at 1605 Victorian Ave.  For questions concerning guidelines on this pamphlet or particular concerns about your business you can reach the bureau Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. by calling (775) 353-2266.