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Event Vendors

Vendors at Special Events in Sparks

Most events held on public property in Sparks have vendors as part of the attraction. From art to food, a special event is an excellent place to sell items. If you are a vendor looking for opportunities with events the following will direct you to those opportunities.

All producers of the events in the City of Sparks coordinate their own vendors. You need to contact them to arrange for your booth, set up, and costs. Here are a few of the large events and contacts for vendor coordinators:

39 North Market Place – Food and Crafts: Angela Handler 775-359-4388

Hot August Nights – Food: JP Pinocchio 775-846-5151 Crafts: Williams Ltd 775-324-6435

PumpkinPalooza – Food and Crafts: NNCIL 775-353-3599

Rib Cook Off – Food: Nugget Casino Resort 775-356-3309 Crafts: Williams Ltd 775-324-6435

Star Spangled Sparks – Food: Nugget Casino Resort 775-356-3309 Crafts: Williams Ltd 775-324-6435

US Open of Watercross – Food and Crafts: Jennifer Handler 585-330-8244

All events are listed here.

All vendors are required to have a business license.

You can get a City of Sparks Business License here, or call 775-353-5555.  If you are only vending at one event you can get a temporary business license from the events producers.

Temporary Business Licenses:

Food $55.00: includes all vendors that are preparing food onsite for consumption onsite.

Retail $15.00: All vendors selling items at the event. This group includes all prepackaged food.

Informational $.00: These vendors or exhibitors are not conducting commerce but are onsite–either with an activity, disseminating information, or promoting a business/organization (including non-profit organizations).

How do you get your permit? Your event producer will arrange for your permit prior to the event.

Please note that food vendors are also required to have a Washoe County Health Permit. Find out more about them here.