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Elementary Schools

This is a compiled list of all the elementary schools in the City of Sparks. You can find more information on these schools at the Washoe County School District website.

  • Bud Beasley Elementary (multi-track year round)
  • Lloyd Diedrichsen Elementary
  • Greenbrae Elementary
  • Jesse Hall Elementary
  • Lena Juniper Elementary
  • Lincoln Park Elementary
  • Alice Maxwell Elementary
  • Robert Mitchell Elementary
  • Marvin Moss Elementary
  • Agnes Risley Elementary
  • Miguel Sepulveda Elementary (Single-Track Green)
  • Kate Smith Elementary
  • Spanish Springs Elementary (multi-track year round)
  • Alyce Taylor Elementary (multi-track year round)
  • Edward Van Gorder Elementary (multi-track year round)
  • Jerry Whitehead Elementary