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Common Home Projects

Common Home Projects

Permit Desk: 775-353-2306

Building Plans Examiner: 775-353-2240

Planning Department: 775-353-2300

Summer is often the time when homeowners’ get the itch to remodel their homes and properties but are often unaware of what projects require permits. There are also projects that have special stipulations to them even if a permit is not required. In order to help alleviate some of the confusion, we have listed some information related to common home projects. Before starting any work on your home or property, please check the list below or call (775) 353-2306 for additional information.

Sheds/Gazebos/Freestanding Structures:  If you are considering putting a shed, gazebo or freestanding structure in your yard, it may require a permit depending on the size:

If the structure is going to be more than 200 sq ft, then a building permit is required. Your first step will be to find out your setbacks by calling the Planning Department and then to submit 3 sets of plans (2 wet-stamped) to include an applicationsite plan and any applicable engineering. Should there be any electrical or plumbing to the structure, you will need to provide information on that as well. Lastly, if your home has a Homeowner’s Association, you will want to contact them to make it follows any applicable design review community standards. A letter of Approval from your HOA may be required to obtain a building permit.

If the structure is going to be 200 sq ft or less, then a building permit is not required. Even though a permit is not required for the structure, it still must comply with setbacks and any electrical or plumbing will require permits. To find what these setbacks will be, please call the Planning Department. Typically, the structure must be placed 5′ away from the house and 3′ away  from any surrounding fence line. If you have an HOA in your community, you will need to check with them even though a permit is not required.

Patio Covers:

Any patio cover or structure that is attached to the home requires a permit, regardless of size. In order to obtain a permit for an attached patio cover, you will need to contact the Planning Department for setbacks and size limitations. Once you have that, you will want to submit 2 wet-stamped sets of plans including an application, site plan, the Patio Cover Worksheet or stamped engineering. If  your community has a HOA, you will need to obtain a Letter of Approval from them as well.

Hot Tubs/Portable Spa:

Hot tubs or portable spas always need a permit in the City of Sparks even if they are just being moved from one house to the next. These permits are usually over-the-counter so long as all the appropriate information is provided. In order to obtain a hot tub permit, we require an application and a site plan. On the site plan, we require specific information to include the distance from the outlet (5′ min.), the distance from any tempered and untempered glass pane window or door, height, material, and distance from any surrounding fence line (3′ min.), information on a lockable cover or audible alarm system.