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Call to Artists

This page hosts the variety of calls for Public Art and programming for the Arts and Culture division of the Parks and Recreation Department.

Request for Proposals: RFP Signal Box at Sparks Marina (printable document)

NEW DEADLINE: 9/1/2021, 5:00 p.m. (PST)

The City of Sparks is accepting qualifications from professional artists or teams of artists in response to a public art opportunity for the City of Sparks.


The mission of Nevada Veterans Memorial is to preserve and honor the legacy of our fallen service men and women since 1864 by building a New Memorial Plaza for the entire state located at The Sparks Marina. The memorial broke ground in 2019 with phase one of the multi-staged project, culminating in a fully fledged memorial.

Located at Sparks Marina, the area’s most popular parks, the area boasts an average of 1000 visitors a week. The park contains a two-mile walking path, beach for swimming, a ADA fishing dock, a dog park, children’s playground and the Holly Quick Memorial for victims of violent crime. The park hosts special events like fundraising walks, Annual Water Lantern Festival and Dragon Boat Races.

There are two boxes as sites for art. We will choose one artist/artist team and design for each box.


$2,000 USD–to cover all artist fees ($1000 per site), design, testing, fabrication and installation, including but not limited to travel, public meeting presentations, administration, taxes, materials relating to the development of the artwork. (see timeline below.)

ARTIST ELIGIBILITY (Please Read-this is a limited call to artists)

This project has two groups, one for each location (See Site Specs in Addendum)

  1. Artists or artist teams who are members of the military, past or present or immediate family members (spouse, sibling, children, parent). Adults 21+. Any team of artists must be led by a member of military or immediate family member; this person leads the design portion.
  2. Artists or artist teams who are immediate family members (children or grandchildren) of members of the military, past or present. Adults and children under the age of 21.

David J. Drakulich Foundation for Freedom of Expression is managing the submissions for the City of Sparks prior to selection process. Any qualified artist is encouraged to reach out to the organization for support in design, support documents or online submission process. (See contact below.)


This solicitation process is being undertaken to identify the most highly qualified artist(s) and best design for this opportunity. An artist selection panel of Arts and Culture Advisory Committee, a representative from the Nevada Veteran Memorial Plaza committee, a representative from NV Energy, and one member of the military, past or present.

This solicitation does not imply an obligation on the part of the city of Sparks to enter into a contract. If no viable artist(s) is identified, a new Request for Proposal may be released until the criteria is satisfied.

The artist will be selected based on the following criteria, as evidenced in application materials and conversations with listed references:

  • ability to convey story of veteran experience through their artwork;
  • artistic merit in concept and fabrication;
  • experience incorporating artwork into the surrounding architectural elements.

ADJUSTED TIMELINE (Subject to change)

5/18: Open Call to Artists
9/1:  Deadline for Submissions
9/11: Show Submissions at Memorial (Public input)
Week of 9/11:  Selection Committee
9/20: Presented to ACAC for Approval
9/21: Begin work
10/1: Unveiling


Online application

Note: prepare all your responses in a PDF documents and gather work samples before you begin and submit all at once. THE ONLINE PORTAL DOES NOT ALLOW YOU TO SAVE YOUR WORK.

  1. Letter of Interest: (1000 character max) outlining the artist’s interest in this project, what their artwork is conveying as their story, and how their design complements and enhances the area, including the Nevada Veterans’ Memorial Plaza. Applicant(s) may apply as a single artist or team. If applying as a team, identify all team members and each proposed project role (i.e.: lead artist, technical consultant, fabricator, etc.) in the statement.
  2. Design Proposals: Create a document with design sketches or digital image and narrative of artistic direction. One design concept per application.

Support: All applications with back up paperwork can be accepted until 5:00 p.m. (PST) on 7/1. Paper submissions need to be sent to David J. Drakulich Foundation for Freedom of Expression, 130 Woodland Drive, Reno, NV 89523. All items must be delivered by the deadline date and time.


Tina Drakulich and Gene Hughes, David J. Drakulich Foundation for Freedom of Expression
tina@djdfoundation.org  OR gene@djdfoundation.org

Contact: Francine Burge, Special Events Supervisor, City of Sparks, Nevada
775-353-7856 | fburge@cityofsparks.us

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