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Business License Requirements and Application Process

The following documents MUST accompany your business license application
Any applications submitted WITHOUT the proper documents and fees

*** Prior to filing your business license application, please check with Planning & Zoning, 775.353.2340, to ensure the business you plan to conduct meets all Zoning requirements for the chosen location. ***
*State of Nevada Business Registration
*Nevada Department of Taxation
*State Industrial Insurance Requirement
Fictitious Firm Name filing for Washoe County
Supplemental Zoning Information (for new commercial businesses located within City limits only)
*The first 3 items are required for ALL businesses who wish to conduct business within the City of Sparks.   Individual links to each agency can be found below.   You may also complete all of the requirements by visiting www.nvsilverflume.gov
Nevada State Business License
All applicants must file for a State of Nevada Business Registration prior to applying for a city license.  If your company is exempt, you will need to provide proof of exemption from the Nevada Secretary of State. They can be contacted at:
Nevada Secretary of State
202 North Carson Street
Carson City, NV 89701
Nevada Department of Taxation
All applicants must contact the Nevada Department of Taxation to obtain a compliance document prior to applying for a license. They can be contacted at:
4600 Kietzke Ln Bldg L Ste 235
Reno, NV 89502
Proof of worker’s compensation insurance
All businesses doing business within the city limits of Sparks, with or without employees,  MUST complete the State of Nevada, Division of Industrial Relations form. To download click here.  Print this form and fill it out.  If it is signed in front of a City of Sparks Customer Service employee, you do not have to get it notarized.
Fictitious Firm Name filing for Washoe County

If you are using a business name other than your first and last name, you must file that name with the Washoe County Clerks Office. This is not necessary if your business is a Corporation, LLC, Limited Partnership, etc. and has been registered with the Secretary of State.  If you are going to use a business name other than your corporate name, or a DBA (Doing Business As), that must also be filed as a fictitious firm name.

Washoe County Clerk’s Office
1001 E 9th Street
Building A, 1st Floor
Reno, NV 89512
**NOTE**  If you have a home based business,
you must also submit a Home Occupation Permit.

Submitting the Application Packet

Business License applications take a minimum of 4 weeks to process when located within the City limits and up to 2 weeks when located outside the City.  Please plan accordingly.  Please ensure that all forms included in the packet are complete and submitted with the application to avoid delays in processing.  Incomplete applications will not be accepted until all necessary information is provided to the Business License Division.  Initial application and review fees can vary depending on reviews needed and the type of business you are conducting.  Please call the Business License Division for an accurate fee quote.  Appropriate fees must be submitted with the application packet at the time of submission.  You may submit your application in person at City Hall at the Customer Service Counter or by mail to the City of Sparks Business License Division.

You may also apply online at onenv.us

Completing the Business License Application Process

Once your application is complete and has been accepted, the business license staff will notify the appropriate departments to review your application.  If a site visit is required, staff from the appropriate departments will contact you to schedule your inspection(s). The Business License Division will complete the final approval once all reviews and inspections are complete and all City fees are paid in full.  The license will be mailed to the mailing address listed on the business license application.

The following departments are required to sign off on your business license application prior to issuance.

Planning Division – a review is required for every business license application. For commercial business locations within the City Limits of Sparks, the Supplemental Zoning Application must be completed and approved prior to the submittal of your business license application.  The Planning division will review the address provided and the business description to ensure that the business meets zoning code requirements for the specified location. A site visit may also be required.   For questions, please contact the Planning and Zoning division at 775-353-2300

Fire Department – a review is required for every business license application.  An inspection may be required for businesses located at a commercial location as well as certain home based businesses.  For questions, please contact the Fire Prevention division at 775-353-2266

Environmental Control – a review is required for every business license application.  An inspection may be required for businesses located at a commercial location as well as any business that may impact the sewer and storm drain systems. (i.e food service, auto repair, car washes, dry cleaners, etc.)  An environmental control permit may also be required.   For questions, please contact the Environmental Control Division at 775-861-4152

Washoe County Health Department – a review is required for every business license application.  An inspection may be required for businesses that are conducting food service or otherwise impacting public health. (i.e. childcare, schools, recycling centers, hotels/motels, etc.)  If you have already completed the Health Permitting Process, this review will verify the approved health inspections and the issuance of the required health permits.  If health permits are still required, the business license application will not be approved until all permits have been completed.  For questions, please contact the Washoe County Health Department at 775-328-2434.

Police – a background check is required only for businesses who wish to conduct privileged business activities per chapter 5 of the Sparks Municipal Code, (i.e residential house cleaning, gaming, liquor, pawnbrokers, etc.)  Please contact the Work Cards Division, only if your business is considered a privileged business activity, at 775-353-2243 to request the paperwork required or for more information on background checks.

Notice – City Council approval is required by the Sparks City Council for all Gaming License applications.