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City Hall – Basement Training Room

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Group Healthcare Committee

Employee Group Healthcare Committee

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Fire Prevention Bureau

IF YOU HAVE A LIFE-THREATENING EMERGENCY PLEASE CALL 911 FOR ALL NON-LIFE-THREATENING EMERGENCIES PLEASE CALL (775) 353-2231 For information and updates regarding active incidents, please refer to your local news source. Fire…

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City Hall – Lobby Conference Room

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Enterprise Fund Advisory Committee

Advises the city on the use of Enterprise Funds

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Building Code Board of Appeals

To review appeals of decisions by the Sparks Building Official regarding interpretations of the Building Code.

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Airport Noise Advisory Panel

To receive and assess information on airport noise problems; to assist in coordination between land use activities and airport activities; to promote greater communication regarding airport noise among the various public bodies, agencies, and commissions; and to make advisory recommendations to the Airport Authority Board of Trustees regarding new and existing programs and approaches to noise abatement.

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City of Reno – City Hall 3rd Floor Conference Room

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Local Government Oversight Committee

To purchase and manage Truckee River water rights in accordance with the Water Quality Settlement Agreement (October 1996).

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Permit Process & Additional Forms

OVER-THE-COUNTER BUILDING PERMITS Permits requiring no plan check are issued daily at City Hall between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. and contractors can apply online through the ONENV portal. BUILDING…

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