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City Hall

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What is a Building Permit and why do I need one?

1. What is a Building Permit? A Building Permit is required to demolish, construct, alter, repair or change the occupancy of a structure and serves as a permanent record for…

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What do I need to know about applying for a permit?

1. May plans and/or revisions be submitted by mail or the internet? Currently, all applications and revisions must be submitted in person or by mail. We are currently working on…

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What happens when my permit is approved? What happens next?

1. Who May Apply For & Pick-Up A Building Permit? Anyone may apply for a building permit however, all plan check fees must be paid at the time of submittal….

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What kind of supporting documents may I need for my permit?

1. What are Special Inspections and when are they required? Special Inspections are for the monitoring of materials and workmanship that are critical to the integrity of the building structure…

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I’m a homeowner and I have questions about my house. Who do I call?

1. How do I obtain copies of permits or plans for my house? Most plans and permits are public record and therefore, copies can be requested. If you would like…

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How can I make a complaint about noise, illegal construction, or construction hours?

1. Who do I contact to file a complaint about illegal construction activity If you are concerned that there may be unpermitted work at a property, you may search by…

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Fire Prevention Bureau – Project SAFE

        SPARKS FIRE DEPARTMENT SMOKE ALARM EDUCATION & INSTALLATION PROGRAM GOAL To protect loss of life and help you Survive A Fire Emergency.  Project SAFE is a…

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City Hall – Basement Training Room

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Group Healthcare Committee

Employee Group Healthcare Committee

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