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Sparks Households Can Place Extra Trash at Curb in May

From removing yard waste to clearing household clutter, spring cleaning is an annual tradition in homes from coast to coast.

In the City of Sparks, the spring excess waste program aims to give folks an easy outlet for extra trash, which tends to stack up from spring cleaning.

Each week for the entire month of May, the spring excess waste program will allow Sparks residents to put six extra bags out on trash day, alongside their regular waste container, at no cost and without the use of an excess waste sticker.

“When we renegotiated our agreement with Waste Management late last year, the Sparks City Council had us negotiate a spring and fall cleaning period, when people could put extra trash out without an excess waste sticker,” said Dan Marran, contracts and risk manager for the City of Sparks. “Hopefully, our residents will take advantage of this additional outlet for trash a couple times a year.”

According to staff at Waste Management, the May and November excess waste program is for Sparks residential customers only — this program is not for Reno residents. For Sparks residents who would like to put out extra trash this May, there are a few guidelines to follow.  “During May and November, City of Sparks residential customers can place an additional six bags, boxes or bundles — not to exceed 3’ x 3’ x 3’ or 50 pounds — outside the container on their service day without the requirement of using an excess waste sticker,” said Sarah Polito, spokesperson for Waste Management.

During the other 10 months of the year, Sparks residents are required to use one of the 20 excess waste stickers mailed out at the beginning of the year to dispose of waste that does not fit in the Waste Management cart.

“Our hope is that the spring and fall excess waste program will make it easy for Sparks residents to get rid of extra trash and yard waste, leading to a cleaner and more beautiful community,” said Adam Mayberry, community relations manager of the City of Sparks.