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Sparks City Council Highlights January 28, 2019

Sparks, NV- The following are highlights from today’s Sparks City Council Meeting:

Presentations and Proclamations:

Council heard a presentation from Amber Howell, Director of the Washoe County Human Services Agency on Washoe County’s Vulnerable Population and Homelessness Strategy. More information can be found here: https://bit.ly/2UoktiC

City Manager Steve Driscoll announced a vacancy on the Airport Noise Advisory Panel.

General Business:

Council approved the following appointments to the Sparks Senior Citizen’s Advisory Committee:

 *Two members from the Mayor, and one alternate: 
Members: Andrea Pelto, Kyle Waxman.  Alternate: Rosemary Padgett. 

*  One member from Ward 1, and an alternate: 
Member: LaMerne Kozlowski.   Alternate: not filled at this time per Council Member Abbott. 

*  One member from Ward 2, and an alternate:
Member: John Sebastian. Alternate: not filled at this time per Council Member Lawson 

*  One member from Ward 3, and an alternate: 
Member: Martin Roberto. Alternate: Wayne Alexander. 

*  One member from Ward 4, and an alternate; 
Member: Margie Hermanson. Alternate: David Hall, Sr. 

*  One member from Ward 5, and an alternate: 
Member: Marcy Kupfersmith. Alternate: Avery Huckabee. 

Council approved an interlocal agreement with Washoe County to allow the city of Sparks Environmental Control Section provide pre-treatment inspections services in Sun Valley and unincorporated Spanish Springs. Federal Regulations require an Environmental Control Program for all publicly owned wastewater treatment plants with flow greater than five million gallons per day (MGD).  Because the Truckee Meadows Water Reclamation Facility tributary area encompasses portions of three political subdivisions, each must provide inspection services for their respective industrial and commercial dischargers. In lieu of providing the inspection services directly, Washoe County has historically contracted with the city of Sparks to provide pretreatment inspection services for Sun Valley and the unincorporated portion of Spanish Springs.
The proposed interlocal agreement will provide the city of Sparks’ Environmental Control Inspectors the legal authority to inspect and require corrective action, including issuing citations, to industrial and commercial dischargers in the unincorporated areas of Sun Valley and Spanish Springs.  Additionally, these inspectors will be authorized to enforce all required stormwater controls on construction in these areas.  The cost of these inspections is recovered through fees paid by the dischargers for the discharge permit.  These fees are identical to the fees paid by dischargers within the city of Sparks. 

Council accepted the advice and recommendation from the Sparks Tourism Facility and Revitalization Steering Committee to expend $1,280,000 in Lodging Tax proceeds for the new Nugget Events Center. In 2003, the Nevada Legislature enacted, and the Governor signed into law, Assembly Bill 205.  This legislation, subsequently codified in Chapter 432 Statutes of Nevada, imposed an additional two and half percent tax rate on the gross receipts from lodging in the city of Sparks. The City Council may expend these proceeds after obtaining the advice and recommendations of the Sparks Tourism Facility and Revitalization Steering Committee. Council also approved the incentive agreement between the city of Sparks and Marnell Gaming, LLC to provide up to $1,280,000 in lodging tax proceeds for the construction of the proposed Nugget Events Center.

Planning and Zoning Public Hearings:

Council held a public hearing and certified a comprehensive plan amendment to change the land use designations on 874.21 acres in Sparks north of the Southern Division of Kiley Ranch, east of Pioneer Meadows Planned Development, south of Lazy 5 Regional Park, and along Pyramid Highway, from: 334.21 acres with various residential designations, 20.47 acres of Mixed Use, 156.91 acres of Commercial, 128.92 acres of Employment Center, 9.42 acres of Community Facilities, and 107.4 acres of Open Space; to: 338.25 acres with various residential designations, 69.04 acres of Mixed Use, 127.75 acres of Commercial, 82.4 acres of Employment Center, 42.52 acres of Community Facilities, and 107.4 acres of Open Space.

Council held a public hearing and certified a comprehensive plan amendment to change land use designation from community facilities to low density residential on 10.6 acres north of Wingfield Springs Road and west of Fen Way in the Pioneer Meadows planned development.