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Sparks City Council Highlights January 13, 2020

Sparks, NV – The following are highlights from the January 13, 2020 Sparks City Council Meeting:

General Business:

The Sparks City Council approved Mayor Ron Smith’s recommendations to appoint Debbi Engebritson and Sara Toney to the Arts and Culture Advisory Committee to serve a two-year term, expiring November 6, 2021. 
Council accepted the $34,140 grant from Firehouse Subs to purchase three sets of Holmatro battery-powered extrication tools for the engines at Station 2, Station 3 and Station 4.

Council approved s $1,481,007 bid from Sierra Nevada Construction for the 2020 Street Rehabilitation construction project to remove and replace deteriorated curb gutter, driveway approaches, sidewalk ramps in the Emerson Way Neighborhood Vicinity Map. They also approved a $696,243 construction contract with West Coast Paving a Queen Way Storm Drain Project, including a resolution to augment the FY20 budget in the Sewer Enterprise Fund by $183,869.00.

Council approved a $118,444.00 contract with Spanish Springs Construction for the 2020 PCC Alley Project.

Council approved an Interlocal Cooperative Agreement with the Regional Transportation Commission for a Signal Timing Project on Sparks Blvd. and Vista Blvd. 

The Council approved a Regional Road Impact Fee Offset Agreement with KM2 Development, Inc. for the offset eligible improvements related to the construction of Wingfield Hills Road through the Kiley Ranch North Planned Development.

Council approved a $315,625.00 construction contract with Anchor Concrete for the Victorian Square Infrastructure, located on Victorian Avenue between Victorian Plaza Circle (11th Street) and 10th Street.  The project scope includes removal of existing trees and tree planters, removal and replacement of existing pavers, sidewalk, curb, gutter and catchbasins, irrigation and electrical improvements and relocation of an existing RTC bus stop.

Council approved a $142,444.00 contract with Spanish Springs Construction, Inc. for the reconstruction of the city of Sparks maintenance garage east parking lot.

Council approved a $494,947.00 construction contract with Mesa Energy Systems for the to upgrade the HVAC system at the Sparks Police Department.

Council approved a $357,393.56 construction contract with Garden Shop Nursery Landscaping Division for the Pah Rah Playground Surface Improvement Project.

Council approved an $82,527.86 contract with BCI Burke Company LLC.  to purchase new playground equipment for Poulakidas Park and approved a $92,484.25 construction contract with Garden Shop Nursery Landscaping Division for removal and replacement of the playground equipment.

Council approved delegation of authority to the city manager to make any decisions regarding the litigation currently pending as Brizuela v. City of Sparks, subject to the limitations of Sparks Municipal Code.

Council held a public meeting and adopted an ordinance amending Sparks Municipal Code to allow Sparks Municipal Court to conduct jury trials in appropriate circumstances, describing persons qualified to act as jurors and granting Sparks Municipal Court authority to establish policies and procedures for jury trials.

Council held a public meeting and approved a development agreement between the city of Sparks, Foothills at Wingfield, LLC and Albert D. Seeno Construction Company, for planning and development of a 65-acre site located east of Golden Eagle Regional Park and south of Vista Boulevard in Sparks.