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Sparks City Council Highlights January 11, 2021

Sparks, NV – The following are REVISED highlights from the January 11, 2021 Sparks City Council Meeting.

Announcements, Presentations, Recognition Items and Items of Special Interest:

  • City Manager Neil Krutz announced the following boards and commissions vacancies:
    • One vacancy on the Truckee River Fund Advisory Committee. Applications will be accepted until 5 pm on Friday, January 15, 2021. Members serve at the pleasure of the Mayor and City Council.
    • Two vacancies on the Western Nevada Development District Board of Directors for private citizen appointments. Applicants must be involved in business, industry, professions, or education. Both appointments for two-year terms ending December 31, 2022. Applications will be accepted until 5:00 pm on Friday, January 29, 2021.
  • Mayor Ed Lawson proclaimed January 2021 as National Radon Action Month to encourage Sparks residents to test their homes for radon, mitigate elevated levels of radon and have new homes built with radon-reducing materials and features.

Consent Items:

  • Council approved final maps for two Stonebrook Village subdivisions. One of the Stonebrook Village subdivisions will be located south of La Posada Drive and west of Stonebrook Parkway and will create 111 residential lots on 14.22 acres and the other subdivision will create 88 residential lots on 11.60 acres and be located south of Stonebrook Parkway and west of Fen Way . The developer will be Toll NV Limited Partnership for both subdivisions.

 General Business:

  • Council approved an amendment to the Contract of Employment with Sparks City Manager Neil Krutz. In May of 2020, Mr. Krutz requested that his salary be reduced by five percent and asked the City Council to decline his merit increase and cost of living adjustment (COLA). City revenue projections have improved since May of 2020, and Mr. Krutz asked the Council to restore the reduction in his pay and allow him a merit increase and COLA, effective January 17, 2021. Council approved the change.
  • Council accepted two grants from the Office of Criminal Justice Assistance:
    • A $19,100.00 2020 Justice Assistance Grant will partially fund the purchase of the Ocean Systems tower and Talino Forensic Workstation and will update the Sparks Police Department’s electronic forensics systems currently in place for the processing, enhancing and storing video evidence.
    • A $69,000.00 Justice Assistance Grant will fund the purchase of the VirTra Firearms Training Simulator that provides training in a number of areas now required by state law and is recognized by the national Peace Officer Standards and Training Organization as specifically addressing fair and impartial policing, implicit bias in policing, de-escalation and de-confliction, as well as other categories through multiple stress-induced, scenario-based realistic training models.
  • Council approved a three-year $117,217.00 contract with ProQA Priority Dispatch Software for the Sparks Emergency Dispatch Center’s implementation of Emergency Fire Dispatch protocols which will be reimbursed from 911 surcharge funds.
  • Council ratified an agreement between the cities of Sparks and Reno and Walgreens Co. to provide up to 30,000 point of care COVID-19 tests at Walgreens locations. The City of Sparks’ share of the agreement is $1,125,000.00 of CARES Act funding.