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City of Sparks Offers Rental Assistance and Renter Mediation Programs with CARES Act Funding

Sparks, NV – The city of Sparks is reminding residents to apply for its Rental Mediation and Rental Assistance programs while funding is still available.

The City allocated $85,000 of CARES Act funding for a Rental Mediation Program aimed at opening communication between landlords and tenants during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The goal of the mediation program is to keep renters housed and landlords compensated,” said T Tran, president of Imperium Property Management, facilitator of the program.  The free, voluntary and confidential service allows for both parties to openly communicate with a mediator present.

“We understand that many are going through hard times right now,” said Tran. “With all of the questions and confusion surrounding eviction moratoriums, we are here to provide valuable resources and information to help bridge the gap between landlords and tenants. “We also have great working relationships with many service organizations to help get resources and assistance to tenants in need including clothing, food, hygiene products and more.”

With the eviction moratorium expiring next week, Tran says taking a proactive approach and contacting the Northern Nevada COVID-19 Eviction Prevention Program (NNCEPP) before the situation escalates and goes to court is optimal. For more information and to apply to the program, tenants and landlords are encouraged to go to: www.nncepp.com.

Additionally, the city of Sparks allocated $2.4 million dollars in CARES Act funding to the Reno Housing Authority for the CARES Act Rental Assistance Program (CHAP).

“Applicants must be able to show a loss or decrease in income related to COVID-19,” said Amy Jones, Executive Director of the Reno Housing Authority. “This can include reduction in pay, furlough and layoff.”

Applicants may be eligible for up to nine months of rental assistance from April to December and payments will be made directly to the landlord. Other eligibility requirements include the applicant not having assets greater than three thousand dollars and their income not being more than 120% of the Area Median Income (AMI). The AMI table is available on the RHA website.

“Most importantly for applicants is to get us the requested documentation as soon as possible,” Jones said.  “Honestly, this has been the biggest challenge for us. It may seem cumbersome, but these are the requirements for the funding. Both the city of Sparks and the Reno Housing Authority want to make sure the funds are going to the individuals and families most in need.”

Funding from the city of Sparks can only be approved for Sparks residents, but the RHA has funding from the State of Nevada, which is eligible for all Washoe County residents and funding from the city of Reno specific to Reno residents.  There is also separate funding available for residents outside of Washoe County, in the rural areas and in Clark County. 

Applicants may apply online at www.renoha.org/chap. For questions, applicants are encouraged to call RHA at (775) 329-3630, extension 9.