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City of Sparks Files for Injunction Against Owner of Dermody Way Properties

Sparks, NV – The city of Sparks has filed for an injunction against Kody Jet Corp and Ron Shemesh, land owner of three abandoned properties on Dermody Way where a string of fires recently started. Since December 2016 the City has filed 19 notices of violation related to the dangerous conditions at the property.

The request for an injunction, filed in District Court on April 24, outlined the City’s numerous attempts to get the land owner to clean-up and secure his abandoned property.

Earlier this month, through his attorney, Shemesh had promised to install fencing around the property, remove illegally dumped waste, secure doors and windows in all of the buildings, install security cameras and hire a property manager.

“Because of the fires and our concern for public safety, we informed Shemesh, through his attorney, that if he didn’t do the promised work quickly, the City would file for an injunction against him,” said Senior Assistant City Attorney Brandon Sendall. “Since then, we have not heard anything from him, nor has he started to clean up or secure the property, so we filed for the injunction.”   

On Friday, Shemesh’s attorney informed the City that he has withdrawn from representing Shemesh because of the lack of communication.

Once a copy of the filing has been served to Kody Jet Corp or Shemesh, the court can order him to clean up and secure the property. If Shemesh does not begin work within three days of the court order, the City can legally enter the private property and abate conditions as the court allows.

The City’s filing also outlined that the City be allowed to recover all abatement costs from the owner. The City will now go through the process of serving Mr. Shemesh and obtaining the injunction from the District Court.

City officials warn that due to the recent fires, some of the buildings are not structurally sound and are asking everyone to stay away from the abandoned property for their safety.

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