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What records are public?

A public record may consist of any medium that contains information, such as a computer tape or disc or video or cassette recording. Every record made or received by the City is presumed to be a public record, unless it is subject to an exemption. Exempt records are those that federal, state or local law prohibits the City from disclosing or permits the City to decline to disclose. For example, the United States and Nevada Constitutions prohibit the City from releasing information that would violate an individual’s right to privacy. Other records, such as medical histories of employees are also exempted because of federal privacy laws. The custodian of records must either give you a copy of the requested record or provide you with a written justification of why the record is not public. The City is neither required to create a document in response to a request, nor is the City required to honor prospective requests. However, you can place your name on a mailing list to receive agendas by contacting the City Clerk’s Office.