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What is a Building Permit and why do I need one?

1. What is a Building Permit?

  • A Building Permit is required to demolish, construct, alter, repair or change the occupancy of a structure and serves as a permanent record for any work performed on a structure that could impact public safety. Having a permit helps to protect the homeowner/building owner’s investment by allowing the City to make sure all work is done up to code and built as designed.
  • Building permits refer to construction work performed on any portion of structural features, including the roof, frame, walls and foundations. Separate permits may be required for electrical, plumbing and mechanical work related to your project.

2. Why do I need a permit?

  • Applying for a permit allows the city to review the project for safety and compliance to state and local codes. Subsequent inspections help determine if the project is being completed to code and as designed. Doing work that isn’t permitted and/or reviewed is illegal and can be costly for violators. This could mean that the violators are fined, asked to remove or demolish the work and impact any future sales of the property.

3. What work does not require a permit?

  • For a complete list of what work does not require a permit, please refer to Section of the Sparks Municipal Code.