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If a City official denies me access to a record, is there anything I can do?

Under State law you may sue in court if you believe the record you are requesting is not otherwise declared by law to be confidential. If you have been denied access to a record that you believe to be public and that the City has improperly withheld, you may contact the Sparks City Attorney directly. You should send (1) a copy of your original request and (2) a copy of the Department’s response to:

Office of the City Attorney
Attention: Chet Adams
P.O. Box 857
Sparks, NV 89432-0857
(Fax) 775-353-1688

The City Attorney will then review the matter. If the record has been improperly withheld, the City Attorney will advise the custodian of records to release the record to you.