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How to Resolve a Warrant

These are the options available for resolving an outstanding warrant at the Court:

  • Surrender yourself to the Washoe County Jail at 911 Parr Blvd. You will be seen by a judge within forty-eight (48) hours. After hours bail can be posted in full at the jail.
  • Post full bail at the court and receive a new arraignment date.
  • Post and forfeit bail at the court (depending on the charge).
  • File a motion at the court and bring as much money as possible with you for posting.
  • The Court may require incarceration in lieu of accepting bail.

If you have any questions regarding resolving a warrant on your case or you have any information about an individual who has an active warrant with the Sparks Municipal Court, call the Marshal division at (775) 353-2365.

Please note: with an active warrant, you are subject to arrest 24 hours a day. You can also be arrested at the courthouse.