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Sparks Redevelopment

Redevelopment is a primary tool used by the City of Sparks to keep local taxes at home and in the project areas that generate those taxes, to revitalize areas of neighborhoods and business districts.

The Sparks Redevelopment Agency governs the two redevelopment areas inside of the City of Sparks. It has the power to buy private property for resale; reallocate property tax increment in order to finance the redevelopment program of the community; and use eminent domain (condemnation) to acquire property.

The Beginning
The City of Sparks first saw the need and began redevelopment in 1978 with the creation of the Sparks Redevelopment Agency and the adoption of the Town Center Project No. 1, which included public improvements along Victorian Avenue to create a public entertainment place. Phase II of the plan started in 1987 and improved parking by building a 420 space parking garage, and a Victorian-themed area for hosting special events. The Agency negotiated the construction of the Century 14 Movie Theater Complex. The complex was completed and opened to the public in April 1998. Along with the movie complex, the Agency was able to build a 702 space Victorian style parking garage. Nearby, a large plaza with a unique fountain and clock was constructed to enhance the experience for visitors to the square.

Area 1 – Victorian Square Today and Tomorrow – map coming soon

Redevelopment Area Maps

Redevelopment Areas 1 & 2

Redevelopment Area 2A- Oddie Blvd.

Redevelopment Area 2B-Southwest Industrial

Redevelopment Area 2C-Sparks Marina


For more information, contact:

Armando Ornelas

Assistant Community Services Director

(775) 353-1644