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Housing Program

Your home is often your biggest investment. Improving living conditions and extending the life of your home is extremely important. The City of Sparks Housing Rehabilitation Program is here to assist qualifying , low income individuals and families with their homes.

The Housing Rehabilitation Program is a federally funded loan program from the Department of Housing and Urban Development to help low income individuals. It is administered through the City of Sparks. The program is funded through Housing and Urban Development Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds.

The program is available to individuals and families who meet program guidelines and live within the Sparks city limits. All applicants must own and have occupied the home for at least one year and meet income requirements.

There are two program types available:

Emergency Repair Grant – The maximum amount allowable under this program is $2,500 per household. The applicant must meet the income requirement of 60% or less of area median income (please refer to the chart below). These grants may only be obtained in the event of an emergency that can affect health and safety. No payment is required and no lien is placed against your home. Emergency repair grants are administered on the basis of need.

Deferred Payment Loan – The loan can be written for an amount up to $20,000 to make essential needed repairs. The applicant must meet the income requirements of 80% or less of area median income (please refer to the chart below). The loan is secured by a Deed of Trust on the home. The loan is to be repaid , in full, when the property is sold or the title is transferred to another person or if you no longer live in the home. There are no interest charges. There are no monthly payments.

Some of the types of repairs covered by a Deferred Loan Payment Loan are roofing, hazardous electrical wiring, plumbing, doors, windows, insulation (minimum code requirement), foundation, wall repair, floor covering, ADA issues and reduction of lead-based paint hazards (during general rehabilitation activities).

The City of Sparks’ Housing Rehabilitation Program is administered by the City Planner, Jim Rundle (jrundle@cityofsparks.us)

Please find the area income limits here.