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Environmental Control Section

In 1977, the City of Sparks became the first municipality in the United States to receive an approved Environmental Pretreatment program from the U.S. EPA. The purpose of the pretreatment program is to protect the Truckee Meadows Water Reclamation Facility from receiving incompatible waste streams that may cause upset, interference, or pass through of contaminates, resulting in pollution of the receiving stream; in Sparks’ case, the Truckee River. The City of Sparks Environmental Control Section (ECS) inspects and performs wastewater sampling of industrial/commercial users in Sparks, Sun Valley and some outlying areas of Washoe County to ensure wastewater discharges are in compliance with federal, state and local discharge limitations.

In 1990, the U.S. EPA mandated that the Cities of Reno and Sparks, Washoe County and the Nevada Department of Transportation apply for a U.S. EPA Storm Water discharge permit. The parties agreed to a regional approach to the storm water pollution prevention permit rather than applying individually. During 1990, an interlocal agreement was signed and a storm water permit was issued to the group by the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection. Once the storm water permit became effective, ECS began storm sewer spill response. This duty was in addition to sanitary sewer unusual influent responses conducted since 1977.

The City of Sparks ECS responds to spill events of all sizes, ranging from accidental paint spills, leaking vehicles, to large and small vehicle accidents.  All ECS officers are Haz-Woper certified, and are trained to abate, contain, and remove spills.

For the City of Sparks, Sun Valley, Spanish Springs, and the Wingfield Springs area, to report a spill or discharge into either the storm or sanitary sewer systems, please call (775) 691-9227, 24 hours per day including weekends, and give the ECS officer as much information concerning the spill (you may remain anonymous if you so desire) as you can.

Other spill/emergency numbers:

City of Reno (775) 722-4660                                                          
Washoe County (775) 328-2436
State of Nevada (775) 678-4670

For storm drain emergencies:
City of Sparks (775) 353-2271
City of Reno (775) 334-2243
Washoe County (775) 328-2180