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City Attorney’s Office

The City Attorney is elected by the voters of Sparks, and oversees a full service municipal law office that aggressively prosecutes criminal cases, provides assistance and representation for victims of domestic violence, represents the City in civil litigation including administrative proceedings and provides day-to-day legal advice and written legal opinions to City Agencies, Boards, Commissions and elected City officials concerning governmental business transactions and employment matters.

Do you have a question about the City Attorney’s Office? Please read our Frequently Asked Questions.

In the interests of open government, you may now read our Formal Opinions online. Click here to read our Opinions.

atty-adams-imageThe Sparks City Attorney is Chet Adams. After serving in the Washoe County District Attorney’s Office from 1987, City Attorney Chet Adams began his legal career with the City of Sparks in 1991 as a Senior Assistant City Attorney and was promoted to Chief Deputy City Attorney in 1993. Chet was appointed Sparks City Attorney by the City Council in 1997 after his predecessor, Steve Elliott was elected Judge for the District Court in Washoe County. Chet has since been elected and reelected City Attorney by Sparks’ voters and will be serving the citizens of Sparks in his sixth consecutive term of office beginning in November, 2016.

Chet is responsible for the civil and criminal litigation involving Sparks as well as the day-to day administration of the City Attorney’s office staff and budget. Chet has maintained a criminal prosecution record of DUI convictions averaging well over 90% and domestic violence convictions that remain three times higher than that of the national average. Promoting his policy of not settling baseless civil lawsuits brought against the City of Sparks, Chet and his deputy city attorneys have aggressively defended Sparks in State and Federal district and appellate courts.

Since 1991, Chet has been responsible for defending the City of Sparks against civil lawsuits seeking damages of well over $226 million with an average payout of less than 1%.

City Attorney
Chet Adams
431 Prater Way
Sparks, NV 89431
Phone: (775) 353-2324
E-mail: cadams@cityofsparks.us

Fiscal Year 2005 Community Accomplishments Report