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Building Permits

Building & Safety Division

Sparks City Hall
431 Prater Way
Sparks, NV 89431
Phone: (775) 353-2306
Fax: (775) 353-2470
Email: permitdesk@cityofsparks.us
Hours:  8:00 to 5:00 Monday – Friday

Got Feedback?

The 2012 International Energy Conservation Code has been adopted
Effective July 1, 2016
For a complete list of codes and helpful links, click here.

2018 Code Adoption!

The 2018 code adoption is on track to be adopted effective January 1, 2019.  There will be a six month grace period where we will be accepting plans under the old or the new codes with a final date for submitting under the old codes of July 1, 2019.  The Northern Nevada Amendment package is attached for your review.


Permit Services Division
Please see the links to the right for permit applications and additional information. We have tried to organize this information with our customers’ needs in mind by separating commercial, residential, and other projects.

Building & Safety Division
Our goal is to provide efficient plan review, permitting, inspection and public education to ensure a safely built environment to protect citizens and visitors of the City of Sparks.

We accomplish this by:

  • Providing information to the public
  • Working with other City departments for a coordinated effort
  • Verifying that structures are designed and built in compliance with construction codes
  • Employing qualified, professional, experienced staff in code administration, plan review and inspections
  • Protecting and serving the public by assuring safe building practices through active code enforcement

Building Permits

Building permits are necessary for construction work performed on any portion of structural features including the roof, frame, walls and foundations. Separate permits may be required for electrical, plumbing and mechanical work related to your project. A building permit is required to demolish, construct, alter, repair or change the occupancy of a structure.

If you’re thinking about replacing your water heater or converting part of your garage into an office, ask yourself one simple question before you open your tool box: “Do I need a permit?” Even small home improvement projects may require a building permit. Faulty installations can cause fires, flood damage and other hazards, and also force you to make costly repairs. Permits and the inspections that come with them protect your family’s safety and the value of your property by ensuring the work meets adopted building codes.

Examples of work that requires a permit:

Water heaters and Furnaces
Pools and Spas
Sheds and play houses over 200 sq ft
Relocating or addition of plumbing and electrical

Examples of work that does not require a permit:

Replace existing residential doors and windows
Replacing floor covering, cabinets and molding
Replacing residential light or plumbing fixtures
Clearing stoppages or repairing leaks without altering existing plumbing
Replacing stucco or drywall if less than 100 sq ft

For more information regarding projects that need a permit, please click to see Section of  the Sparks Municipal Code .

FLOOD RECOVERY: Flood damaged buildings that require a building permit to restore, are required to use  flood resistant construction materials.  Additional emergency management publications can be found at FEMA.   If you have additional questions about repairing flood damage or preparing your building for future floods, please contact our office.