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Businesses and residents should continue to monitor the news and weather, and keep any flood prevention programs in place for those in areas that are prone to flooding, to include sandbags.

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Swim Lessons Program

The City of Sparks child-centered swim program offering superior swim instructor training, was developed by the founder of the nationally acclaimed, award-winning Swim Lessons University. The curriculum offers a progressive learning system designed to make children safer when in and around water. If you have questions about which level/class to register your child in, please call 353-2385.

Builds basic water safety skills for both parents and children, helping infants and young children ages 6 months to about 3 years become comfortable in the water so they are willing and ready to learn to swim. These basic skills include adjusting to the water environment, showing comfort while maintaining a front or back position in the water and demonstrating breath control, including blowing bubbles or voluntarily submerging under water.

This program is based on a logical, five-level progression that helps swimmers from approximately 3 years and up with varying abilities develop their swimming and
water-safety skills. Classes are designed to give participants a positive learning experience. The prerequisite for each level is the successful demonstration of skills from
the preceding level, except for Level 1, which has no prerequisites. Please note: If your child meets the requirements to pass Level 1, you can register them in Level 2.

??Level 1
• Introduction to Water Skills • Front Kick Development
• Breath Holding and Breath Control • Back Kick Development
• In-Line Kick Progression • Safety Skills One
• Swim Like a Fish (Face Out, Face Down)

??Level 2
• Fundamental Aquatic Skills • Front Kick Development
• Freestyle Kick with Kick Board • Breath Holding
• Back Kick Progression • In-Line Kick Progression
• Freestyle Progression

??Level 3
• Freestyle Kick • Breath Control
• Back Kick • In-Line Kick – Face Down
• Basic Freestyle • Freestyle Breathing
• Elementary Backstroke
• Stroke Development (Must be able to comfortably swim 15 feet)

??Level 4
• Stroke Improvement • Breaststroke Kick
• Breaststroke Arms • Stroke and Kick Timing
• Breathing Timing • Freestyle and Backstroke

??Level 5
• Advanced Strokes/Diving • Body Dolphin Butterfly Kick
• Butterfly Arms • Front Crawl
• Back Crawl • Breaststroke
• Sidestroke • Elementary Backstroke
• Treading Water • Diving