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Records Request

Request for Records

Most records are public and are reproduced upon request. Fill out the form using the link below.

In accordance with NRS 239.052, there may be a fee to receive a copy of a public record, which must be paid in full before receiving the copy.  If the copy exceeds $25, a written cost estimate will be provided. If an estimate of the cost exceeds $25, a deposit may be required.

  • Small format copies B/W (8-1/2×11”, 8-1/2 x 14”, 11 x 17”) – $.05/page for paper copies, no charge to email them.
  • CD or DVD – $1 per disc
  • Flash drive – $4/USB flash drive
  • Postage – Actual cost of US Mail, express delivery, etc.

In the event an extraordinary use of personnel and technologies are required to produce a record, an additional fee may be charged, not to exceed $.50/page.

If a transcript of a proceeding is requested, court reporter transcript fees may be obtained by contacting the Sparks Municipal Court (775) 353-2286.

Administrative Fees for Code Enforcement

Administrative fees related to code enforcement hearings have not been established (SMC 2.27.090) and are not being assessed.

Public Records Request Form