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Records Management

Request for Records

Most records are public and are reproduced upon request. To make a records request, fill out this online form or call 775-353-2350.

Electronic Information Management Systems (EIMS) Mission Statement

To provide for the accurate retention, maintenance and disposal of electronic records generated in the course of City business.

Records Management

The City of Sparks has adopted the current and future revisions of Nevada Local Government Records Management Program Manual and the Local Government Records Retention Schedules per Resolution 3163, passed and adopted October 12th, 2009. The Retention Schedules contain the legal minimum retention periods and the disposal requirements of records beyond their lifecycle.

Nevada State Library and Archives defines Records Management as the application of systematic and scientific control to recorded information required in the operation of government business, standardizing access to complete information through common classification and indexing methods, and ensuring the preservation of records in accordance with regulatory and operational requirements. It refers to NAC 239 for additional basic records management terms.

The City Clerk’s Office has initiated Records Management/Electronic Information Management Systems (EIMS) programs in accordance with NAC 239.145. The program manages, paper documents, electronic documents housed in ApplicationXtender as well as emails with the Email Archive System.

NAC 239.106 of the Nevada Administrative Code (NAC) defines records management as “the systematic control and management of information throughout the life cycle of the information, including, without limitation, the creation, use, maintenance, retention and ultimate disposition of the information”.

NAC 239.145 of the Nevada Administrative Code (NAC) states “If a local governmental entity establishes a records management program pursuant to NRS 239.125, the program must:

1. Document its organization, functions, policies, decisions, procedures and essential transactions; and

2. Include the standards established in the Local Government Records Management Program Manual published by the State Library and Archives Administrator pursuant to NAC 239.161.”

NRS 239 of the Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) set forth the definitions pertaining to and responsibilities of local government entities concerning records management.

It also defines public, confidential and restricted documents and how requests for documents are to be processed, as well as the criteria for a records management program.

According to Sec. 3.040 of the Sparks City Charter, the City Clerk shall “Keep the corporate seal and all public records” and “Supervise the central filing system for all departments of the City”.

The office of the City Clerk (Clerk’s Office) does this by maintaining centrally located and secure storage for paper documents. Documents are kept according to record type and by lifecycle needs. The Clerk’s Office also keeps documents that are of historical significance to the city.

The Clerk’s Office maintains an electronic document system (ApplicationXtender). Within ApplicationXtender the Clerk’s Office manages the electronic originals of permit information, engineering documents, survey documents, planning documents, contracts, agreements, resolutions, ordinances, documents generated by council meetings, historical City documents and other City business documents.