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Prompt Permits

As of 10/31/2016 we will be launching to our new Accela program! With that, we are changing the way we process Prompt Permits and will no longer issue permits via email or fax. We are encouraging all of our customers to go to https://aca.accela.com/one/ and create your own login. Once you create a login, you may apply for your permit online, see comments from plan examiners, and check status. If you do not wish to apply online, we will accept applications via email or fax but will not be able to send them back. If you wish to receive your permit card electronically, an online account with a valid email address is required. Lastly, we are no longer storing credit card information and you will need to submit payments through your online account or bring a valid form of payment in person. If you have any questions about the transitition to our new systems, please give us a call at 775-353-2306.

The Building Division shall accept applications for facsimile/electronic permit issuance and shall process and issue such permits in accordance with the following procedures and requirements:

Permits eligible for facsimile permit issuance:

  • Sewer/water repair and replacement (No work in Right-of-way)
  • Residential water heaters (50 gallons or less)
  • Residential furnaces (150k BTU’s or less)
  • Residential air conditioning units (5 ton or less)
  • Electrical service change/upgrade (200 amps or less)
  • Asphalt shingle roofing
  • Siding

Requirements for contractors to request and receive facsimile permits:

  1. Contractors must have current license/registration and insurance complying with State of Nevada statutes and City of Sparks Municipal Code.
  2. Contractors must have on file with the Building Division a valid credit card authorization form (Credit card required for payment on all facsimile/electronic permits).
  3. Requests must be made on approved City of Sparks permit application with the Prompt Permit Authorization portion at the bottom signed by one of the persons on credit card authorization form.

Procedure for requesting and issuance of facsimile permits:

  1. Applicant must first establish a Prompt Permit account in person at the Building Division located at 1675 East Prater way, Suite 107.
  2. Complete all required information on approved City of Sparks Permit application, including signature to authorize credit card transaction, and fax or email to (775) 353-2470 or permit services
  3. Facsimile permit applications will be reviewed for completeness and eligibility and, if complete, will be processed before the end of the next business day. Incomplete applications shall be returned to the sending facsimile number or email address indicating the additional information required. If the application cannot be approved for any reason the applicant will be notified via facsimile at the number or the email address from which the application was received.
  4. Approved permit applications shall be processed for payment, and upon confirmation of payment, shall be issued a permit that shall be returned via facsimile to the applicant at the number or the email address from which the application was received. Applications for which payment cannot be confirmed shall be returned to the applicant and shall be required to be resubmitted.

There will be a $5 administration fee assessed for each permit processed through the Prompt Permit fax/e-mail permit program. (Billed to credit card at time of issuance)

Credit Card Authorization Form