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Numerous Roads Closed in Sparks Industrial Area – Sparks Flood Update #2

The National Weather Service is projecting the Truckee River will continue to rise causing on-going flooding to the Sparks industrial area.

As a result, the City has closed several roads in the area:

  • Sparks Blvd at I-80
  • Kleppe Lane at Meredith Way
  • Kleppe Lane at E. Greg Street
  • Greg Street at Industrial Way
  • Marietta Way at Freeport Boulevard
  • Southern Way at Freeport Boulevard
  • Linda Way at Freeport Boulevard
  • Greg Street at S. Stanford Way
  • Coney Island Drive at S. Stanford Way
  • Clean Water Way at S. McCarran Boulevard
  • Greg Street at Alamo
  • Greg Street at I-80
  • Greg Street at S. McCarran
  • Glendale Ave at Packer way

Road closure map.

Some barricades are staffed with Sparks Police Officers.  The City is reminding citizens to be respectful and not go around or bypass the police or road barricades.  It is unlawful to bypass road barricades, and unsafe.

Additionally, two sandbag stations the city established last night are no longer accessible.

Monitor news and weather reports, City of Sparks website (cityofsparks.us), and follow the City on Facebook and Twitter.