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Artown in Sparks

The City of Sparks is taking the lead in connecting art organizations in the City of Sparks to encourage collaboration and presentations in July 2017 as part of the Artown Festival. These programs will include 25 different events, classes and performances and designed to reach a wide variety of our citizens.

City of Sparks/Artown: Discover the Arts Program

The very popular Artown “Discover the Arts” Project expand to Sparks to fill the needs of citizens in our downtown areas. The project follows the same format as the successful daily Discover the Arts program held in Reno at the McKinley Arts and Culture Center: Presentation – Break – Hands-On Work. The hour-long program in Sparks will be taught weekly in Spanish and English and held at the Larry D. Johnson Center at 12th and Oddie Blvd., on Saturday mornings at 10 a.m. Each week will showcase a different discipline: visual arts, drama, music and spoken word. The program is also sponsored by Northern Nevada Dairymen, which treats the participants with free ice cream and treats.

39 North Marketplace: Artown Basque Demos and Activities

39 North will be including a little culture to their Marketplace event on Thursday nights Marketplace. This Basque theme party is in cooperation with the Sparks Heritage Museum.


  • Thursday July 6, 13, 20 and 27 from 4-9pm
  • Chef Demo’s featuring Basque Chefs and cuisine
  • Basque Dancing and music- Creating a contact list, one contact is Zazpiak Bat Dancers
  • Kids Zone to feature Basque coloring pages, art creations and games
  • Include Heritage Museum in this collaboration

Restless Artists David Ives Performances
Help Us Get Our Acts Together! Restless Artists’ Theatre is the only live theater in Sparks. We plan a group of zany, smart, one-act plays by David Ives to run throughout the month of July, 2017, but we will never know which one-acts we are doing for each performance. Instead, audiences will be invited to vote on what they want to see. Ives was described by Vincent Canby of The New York Times as “wizardly . . . magical and funny . . a master of language.” His one-acts reveal what happens when: two may flies realize they only have a one day life span, a man believes he is a typewriter, Trotsky dies over and over again with a mountain climber’s axe sticking out of his head, and three construction workers reveal that they are really the Lindberg baby, the son of Czar Nicholas II, and a reincarnation of Marie Antoinette, among other urgent questions.

Dates and times are to be announced.

Sparks Museum & Cultural Center: Mountain Picassos: Basque Arboglyphs of the Great Basin

The Sparks Museum & Cultural Center will exhibit “Mountain Picassos: Basque Arboglyphs of the Great Basin” from the Nevada Arts Council (NAC) Traveling Exhibition Program during July. The museum aims to expand program offerings to include educational arts activities in conjunction with the exhibit. The museum has partnered with the Zazpiak Bat Reno Basque Club to present a Basque dance class and performance. NOKA, a Chino, CA based Basque singing group, will present an educational recital in the Basque language. The museum also will offer three art classes for children, featuring painting, crafts, or music. The classes and performances will be held in the museum’s Cultural Center, located at 814 Victorian Avenue in Sparks.