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Sparks Planning Commission Meeting

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Sparks Planning Commission

Review and submit a recommendation of approval or disapproval by the City Council for
–Tentative subdivision maps
–Rezoning cases
–Master Plan Amendments
–Title 20 Zoning Ordinance Changes
–Regional Plans that concern Sparks
–Regional Transportation

Review and approve or deny variance & certain special use permit applications.

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Sparks Citizens Advisory Committee (SCAC)

The Sparks Citizens Advisory Committee (SCAC) provides essential citizen input to the Sparks City Council. The SCAC engages in and promotes volunteerism in the City of Sparks by performing in a positive and collaborative manner to gather information and provide constructive feedback and suggestions.

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Sewer Appeals Committee

A customer disputing a sewer bill may file a written petition for adjustment with the City Clerk.

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Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board of Trustees

To facilitate safe and convenient air travel and transport to and from the Reno Area.

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Parks and Recreation Commission

The purpose of the Parks and Recreation Commission is to review the tentative budget of the Parks and Recreation Department; recommend improvements to parks and playgrounds to the City Council,…

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City Hall

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Sparks Tourism Facility & Revitalization Steering Committee

The Committee is comprised of five members.  Two members of the Committee are City Council members. Another two members are appointed by the RSCVA: one to represent the interests of…

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What is a Building Permit and why do I need one?

1. What is a Building Permit? A Building Permit is required to demolish, construct, alter, repair or change the occupancy of a structure and serves as a permanent record for…

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What do I need to know about applying for a permit?

1. May plans and/or revisions be submitted by mail or the internet? Currently, all applications and revisions must be submitted in person or by mail. We are currently working on…

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