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PDF Maps

Government Maps: Ward Map Special Events Maps: Victorian Square: FREE SPEECH AREAs MAP – 8.5×11 .PDF – published 08/06/2013 Victorian Square Site Planning Map 1 – published 04/11/2013 Victorian Square…

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Maps and GIS Resource Portal

Community Services Geographic Information Systems The City of Sparks operates a Geographic Information System (GIS) to provide current and accurate geospatial information in the form of maps, data, and analysis…

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Can I have a digital sign?

Digital signs are only allowed in C2, TC, Industrial, and PF over ten (10) acres in size zoning districts. The digital face can only be a portion of a freestanding…

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How much landscaping do I need for new development?

The required landscaping area for new development is based on the zoning district. Table 20.04.007-1 Required Landscaping lists the zoning district and the minimum required landscape area. The Landscape and…

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How many parking spaces do I need?

The number of parking spaces is based on the land use. Table 20.04.011-3 Parking Ratios lists the use and the minimum parking space numbers. The Parking Section of the Code…

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Do I need a building permit for a shed (accessory building) and what are the setbacks?

The Sparks Municipal code requires that all accessory buildings over 200 square feet be issued a building permit. The accessory building must be placed in the rear yard at a…

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Do I need a temporary use permit?

A temporary use permit is required for the following uses: Seasonal sales (Christmas tree or pumpkin lots), construction yards, farmer’s markets, garage and yard sales, outdoor events, model home complexes…

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Do I need a temporary sign permit?

A temporary sign permit is required for any sign that is to be used on short term basis and is not permanently attached to a structure or ground. This includes…

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Can I have chickens?

Chickens may be kept in any SF, MF, MUD-MR or MUD-RN zoning district. No roosters are permitted. Limits apply based on parcel size. Poultry may not have access to the…

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What are the deadlines to submit an application?

The deadline for the application depends on the type of application. The application packet includes the submittal schedule and filing fees. Use the link to access Development Applications and associated…

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