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Recreation Park

Recreation Park is located at the Recreation Center at 98 Richards Way.

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Poulakidas Park

Poulakidas Park was built in 1985 and is located southwest of Sparks City Hall.

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Pah Rah Mountain Park

Pah Rah Park is one of the larger in Sparks and is located on the east side of town along the Vista Blvd. bike path. It features an extensive walking…

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Pagni Ranch Park

Pagni Ranch Park was constructed in 1996 and is located on the east side of Sparks. It was named after the old Pagni Ranch.

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Oppio Park

Oppio Park was constructed in 1964 and serves as grounds for an elementary and middle school.

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Maldonado Park

Maldonado Park was constructed in 1997 and is located on the east side of Sparks on a vista that overlooks the city.

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Longford Park

Longford Park was built in 1976 and named after Sparks’ sister city Longford, Ireland. It is primarily used for neighborhood recreation.

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Lillard Park

Lillard Park was constructed in 1981 and named after James Lillard, a former City of Sparks Mayor. The park features a train display and is located on Victorian Square in…

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Les Hicks Jr. Park

Les Hicks Jr. Park was built in 1994 and is located along Sparks Blvd., just north of Shadow Mountain Park. Its use is primarily for neighborhood recreation.

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Kestrel Park

Kestrel Park is a large neighborhood park with basketball court, large grass areas and play equipment. A regional trail connection travels through the park.

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