City Of Sparks

Firefighter Wood Carving

When a sequoia tree died at Fire Station 2, located at the corner of Baring Blvd and N. Truckee Lane, the tree was cut down by Sparks’ forester Mike Kelly and assistant Jesse Hon, leaving the redwood tree stump with the idea of having someone carve the stump.

Sparks Firefighter Rich Armstrong found a local artist/carver, Tim Carmen, to create a firefighter from the tree stump. Desert Fire Protection, a local fire sprinkler contractor, expressed interest in the tree stump and wanted to help the Sparks Fire Department to reach its goal, along with local citizens and fire department employees, who donated cash gifts to pay for the fencing materials. The Sparks Parks Department employees provided the concrete curb, lawn sprinkler head relocation and river rock for the landscaping.




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