City Of Sparks

Information Technology

picture of lighthouseInformation Technology:  Plans, administers and coordinates technology services citywide with the goal of achieving business solutions.  IT sets policies and standards; provides computer software development, software support and project management services; operates and maintains computer hardware, electronic mail systems, external and internal web sites, computer networks, telephone systems, virus protection and security systems; and builds, maintains, and supports the computerized city base map, provides utility location services and promotes the use of geographic data.

IT Systems: Provides computer software development services; and provides project management and support services for both in-house and purchased software systems.
IT Operations: A team of 3 at City Hall and 1 at the Police Department and 1 at the Fire Department operate and support city technology infrastructure including computer servers, workstations, printers, electronic mail, web sites, power systems, provides computer security; and data backup services. 

All IT help requests should be sent to 

IT Networks:  Supports and maintains the internal/external data communications network; telephone systems; maintains network security; and plans for redundancy and fault tolerance.
Geographic Information Systems:  Builds, maintains and supports the computerized city base map; provides utility location services; and trains staff in the best usage of Geographic Technology resources.  

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