City Of Sparks

Information Technology

Information Technology:  Plans, administers and coordinates technology services citywide with the goal of achieving business solutions.  IT sets policies and standards; provides computer software development, software support and project management services; operates and maintains computer hardware, electronic mail systems, external and internal web sites, computer networks, telephone systems, virus protection and security systems; and builds, maintains, and supports the computerized city base map, provides utility location services and promotes the use of geographic data.

IT Systems & Development  A team of 3 based at City Hall and 1 at the Police Department provides computer software development services; and provides project management and support services for both in-house and purchased software systems.
IT Operations & Networking: A team of 4 based at City Hall and 1 at the Police Department and 1 at the Fire Department operate and support city technology infrastructure including computer servers, workstations, internal and external data communication network, wireless connectivity, network security, VoIP Phones, printers, electronic mail, web sites, power systems, provides computer security; and data backup services. 

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