City Of Sparks

Sparks Facts

City Overview

March 15, 1905
City Slogan "It's Happening Here"
91,551 (Governor's Official Population Numbers 2013) 
2030 Projected Population 133,600
Total Square Miles 35.81 - as of April 2011
Elevation 4410 feet above sea level
Location 39:32:39N 119:44:13W
The City of Sparks is northeast of Reno, NV, and southwest of Pyramid Lake in the Truckee Meadows. The City is bisected by Interstate 80.
City Budget
Fiscal Year 10/11
Expenditures & Transfers Out: $55.5 million (budgeted)
Revenues & Transfers In: $55.1 million - source - Sparks Finance (April, 2011)
Total Employees
509 authorized full-time positions
462 currently filled full-time positions
230 - temporary/part-time
9 elected officials
701 - total current employees (March, 2011) source - Sparks Human Resources
Why the name "Sparks"? The City had been called East Reno, New Wadsworth and Harriman for a while, but that did not suit the independent spirit of the new citizenry, and in 1904 was officially named the City of Sparks to honor then current Governor John Sparks. In 1905 Sparks became an incorporated city and in celebration, Governor Sparks hosted a barbecue for all the citizens of Sparks at his Alamo Stock Farm at Moana Springs (near the current site of the Reno Sparks Convention Center in Reno). 

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